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Installation and Use Manual





The ROTARY JOINT and ROTARY UNION POMIER JOINTS is a precision component of the equipment and must be handled as a precision component. It is a rotating sealing device and not just a pipe joint. The incorrect or not proper use may result in leakage or premature failure in the sealing system. Although the joints are of high quality and precision, they are wear-and-tear items.
It is important that all products be periodically inspected and as the seals wear out. The rotary joint must be replaced or repaired, replacing its internal mechanical sealing system (Pomier Repair Kit) to avoid the consequences of leakage and restore its full leak-free function.

Our Rotary Joints and Union Joints should never be used in applications out of those specified in the catalog or project indicated by Pomier Joints’ Application Engineering.

Our Rotary Joints and Union Joints should not be used to seal hydrocarbons or other flammable fluids, as a leak could result in explosions or fires. The use of our product with hazardous fluids or corrosive fluids is strictly prohibited.For applications and use out of specified in the Pomier Joints technical catalog, the Pomier Joints’ Application Engineering Department should be contacted for recommendations and specifications of a Rotary Joint or Rotary Union suitable for such use.

These instructions are provided by Pomier, as general guidelines, they do not contain exhaustive information about installation, use or maintenance of the joints. Buyers and users of the product should make sure that they have read the catalog and have sufficient experience and training to use the joints before attempting to install or use the products. The main responsibility for the effective use of the joints belongs to the user and its workers/collaborators.

Pomier could provide, upon prior request, the necessary assistance to guide users on the use of its products and on any difficulties or problems that are brought to their attention.Quality and Leakage Tests are made in our Factory:

All ROTARY JOINTS and ROTARY UNIONS, Models PJ1000, PJ2000, PJ3000, PJ4000, PJ5000 And PJ6000 are tested with pressure of 10 bar (145,04 psi) with Compressed Air. That testing procedures are made in our factory before shipping to ensure complete sealing of the sealing system. This detailed check ensures that each joint are completely leakproof. Rotary Joints and Rotary Unions can be installed with complete confidence and will work to your satisfaction.